Singing Tutor  v.2.0

Singing Tutor - is the interactive software for improving your singing skills and tuning musical instruments. Impartial tutor will help you to estimate your abilities and develop your singing skills.

Listening-Singing-Teacher for Mac OS X  v.1.55

Listening Singing Teacher is a Home Singing course.


Xitona Singing Tutor

With Singing tutor you can: Measure voice tone, Improve karaoke singing skills, guitar tuning. Sing with mp3 song background and immediately see your singing accuracy visually. Sing karaoke songs (.kar-files). Listen voice played by MIDI instrument. Sing

Singing Tutor Basic  v.1 2

Singing Tutor - is the interactive software for improving your singing skills and tuning musical instruments. If you want to learn singing or check your singing skills, you can't find better assistant than Singing Tutor.

Home Singing Lessons ScreenSaver  v.1.0

A singing-themed screensaver for passionate

The Psychology of Singing  v.

Preface-A peculiar gap exists between the accepted theoretical basis of instruction in singing and the actual methods of vocal teachers. Judging by the number of scientific treatises on the voice,

Singing Bowls  v.1.0

Tibetan Soul is a beautiful screensaver compiled by TibetanSoul.

Music Masterworks  v.4.29

Make your own music with our award-winning voice-to-note music composition software. With Music Masterworks you can compose by just singing into your microphone. Edit the song using piano roll or staff notation with a simple mouse/touch interface.

Karaoke Trainer  v.1.5

This software is the fastest way to train your singing. A karaoke performer or any solo artist will outstandingly benefit. It's simple and quick. Load any MP3 song, remove the vocal part and replace it with your voice,

Sing & See  v.1.4.9

Singing Software for real-time visual feedback of the voice in vocal training. Analyses your voice and gives direct visual feedback about whether you are singing in pitch.

Performous for Mac OS X  v.0.6.1

Performous is a handy rhythm / performance platform that contains singing, guitar / bass playing, drumming and dancing all in one application.

Water fountain1

water fountain screensaver 1 displays realistic animation and relaxing music and sounds of this waterfountain screensavers.Get relaxed, watch birds flying and singing and feel the water that rushes over the falls in this amazing nature

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